Our Partnership with Absolute Personnel

Here at All Natural Kitchen, we’re proud to have expanded our product lines include an even greater range of food service solutions for hospitals, aged care facilities, private label lines, and take-away counters.

In response to the increased demand for our premium-quality, ready-to-serve menu items, condiments, sauces, gravies, and premixes, we’ve increased our workforce with the help of Absolute Personnel.

We were referred to Absolute Personnel by one of our business partners, and we’re happy to say that we’re thrilled with the professionalism, responsiveness, and dedication to supporting All Natural Kitchen shown by the staff of this Australia-wide specialty hire agency.

Absolute Personnel started by visiting our production facility here at ANK and taking a guided tour with Gus Guardia, Production Manager, and General Manager Colin Hart. During the meeting, the team from Absolute Personnel took the time to understand our operations, evaluate our staffing needs, and answer all the questions we had about working with a hire agency.

Needless to say, we were impressed with the thoroughness of Absolute Personnel – they demonstrated their commitment to supporting our operation and values, and quickly dispelled the concerns we had about outsourcing our staffing. As a specialized hire agency that focuses on hospitality, manufacturing, and cleaning industries, it was clear that Absolute would be the best fit for ANK.

Since contracting out our staffing to Absolute Personnel, we’re happy to say that they’ve been successfully in finding us both highly skilled and dedicated production workers and an excellent forklift driver – all of who exceed our expectations and add real value to our services here at All Natural Kitchen.

We’re confident that as our services continue to grow, Absolute Personnel will be there to help keep our production lines rolling with high-quality, dedicated staff who are as committed to delivering premium products as we are. Thank you Absolute Personnel!

Our relationship with ANK

Gus Guardia and Colin Hart of ANK reached out to Absolute Personnel by way of a mutual referral.  When we first arrived at ANK, we were given the grand tour of the site by Gus and Colin.
Needless to say, we were very impressed by ANK’s operation.  The team at ANK are lovely and fantastic to deal with.  Notwithstanding the size of their commercial operation, the team create food with passion, love and respect for their clients. Since our commencement with ANK, we have assisted their operations by providing production workers and a forklift driver. We greatly appreciate the opportunity provided to us and look forward to assisting ANK with their staffing needs.
– Sean Cooper, Account Manager
August 30, 2017 News Author: All Natural Kitchen

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